Principal's Message

Davida Fountain, Principal
Welcome to Oak Street TK-8 School for the 2023-2024 school year. I hope you will find our staff warm, caring and responsive to your needs. If we, in the office, can help solve any problems - small or large - please do not hesitate to involve us. You can count on the fact that our entire staff; teachers, administration, office staff and custodians are committed to helping all of our students have a productive and enjoyable year. 
As members of the  Oak Street TK-8 School community  you have the power to determine how successful your school year will be, especially those in the 6th – 8th grade. The teaching staff and administration will provide you with numerous opportunities to get involved in pursuits both academic and extracurricular. You will find that one of our teacher’s primary goals is to help all students to develop their talents and abilities as far as you are willing to take them. When the Lion R.O.A.R.s academic achievement is inevitable. As the principal, I hope that you can commit to letting me hear you R.O.A.R. by being...
Responsible by attending school everyday. Attendance matters. When students are present, teachers can engage them in rigorous instruction that meets their specific learning needs. Showing up daily is great but not enough. An
Outstanding Effort, made by each student is the next step. We expect all students to come prepared and ready to give their best even if the work is challenging. At every grade level there is something new to learn and with the help of your teacher's guidance and support, your efforts will result in academic success. When you are determined to be
Active Learners in your classes each and every day the growth opportunities will be limitless. Staying focused and completing all your assignments will help you as well as your classmates enjoy learning in a safe and distraction free environment. All students deserve to learn at a school, in a classroom, with a teacher and classmates that are 
Respectful in their words and actions. Arriving to school and class on time shows respect. Participating and using kind words show respect. Taking care to the materials and resources provided to you shows respect. 
The ultimate decision about how successful you will be in school is in your hands. You can make the difference between a mediocre experience and a truly successful, satisfying one. On behalf of the entire Oak Street TK-8 School Team and Family we look forward to working with you and your son/daughter. It is our wish that each student have a successful and memorable year and with your partnership we can see that wish come true in many ways. 
I look forward to leading the charge into a amazing school year. Go Lions!!!
Davida Fountain, Principal
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