School Information

Oak Street School
633 South Oak St. Inglewood, CA 90301-2547 [ view map ]
Phone: (310) 680-5340 

Oak Street School is a part of the Inglewood Unified School District. The majority of Oak Street students will attend Crozier Junior High School and Inglewood High School. The District provides support for the Open-Court Reading Program, some training through the curriculum department in other content areas, and standard-based instruction. The most significant staff development occurs at the school site.

The District houses the Child Development Center, a preschool program that meets the needs of special education students. Some children entering kindergarten at Oak Street School have benefited from attending Head Start Pre-School Programs. A few students attend private pre-schools through religious or community organizations. The majority of students enrolling in kindergarten at Oak Street have never attended pre-school and are English Learners. Therefore, a kindergarten program has been provided to meet students’ needs. Oak Street has an after-school program, instructed by Oak Street teachers, two days a week. The program also involves parents. It has been very successful in preparing students for kindergarten and developing language skills for English Learners. The student population at Oak Street School consists of 84.6% Latino, 13.2% African American, and 2.2% other (Filipino, Arabic, White, and Asian). Languages represented include Spanish, Tagalong, Arabic, and English. Second language learners comprise 57.5% of the student population. The majority of these students are in the primary grades (K-3), with a large number of students being re-designated in the fourth grade. The school is sensitive to the needs of second language learners, and has developed programs to facilitate language development and monitor progress. All communication with parents is in both Spanish and English, thereby making translations readily available.